Manslaughter Charges

Manslaughter Charges,
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There are three types of manslaughter in North Carolina. Each type has a subtle difference from the others and from the large charges of first degree murder and second degree murder. It is necessary that you understand the differences and have an attorney who will uncover the facts necessary to defend your case.

  • The first type of manslaughter is VOLUNTARY. Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of a person with intent in circumstances where a reasonable person would become emotionally or mentally disturbed. Typically this is thought of as a murder in the heat of passion or a case that fell just short of a true self-defense situation (for example: a person thought he needed to defend himself against another’s assault but it was not objectively reasonable to the average person). It is punishable as a Class D felony.
  • The second type of manslaughter is INVOLUNTARY. Involuntary manslaughter is defined as an unintentional murder committed without intent and not in the heat of passion. Typically, this is seen in cases where individuals are acting in ways that are criminally negligent or they engaged in conduct that was so reckless at the time a death occurred. (An example might be firing a gun across a busy intersection with knowledge that someone may be hit. While the death was unintentional and not in the heat of passion, it was so reckless as to the value of human life that it would be punished as involuntary manslaughter.) It is punishable as a Class F felony.
  • The third type of manslaughter is VEHICULAR. Vehicular manslaughter is defined as a killing done with a vehicle through negligence or reckless actions. It is punishable as a Class F felony.

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