Murder Charges

Murder Charges,
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You are in a fight for freedom if you are charged with murder in North Carolina. Typically, the State elects to charge you with an unspecified 'murder' charge, meaning they do not want to declare whether it will be first or second or the theory they will proceed under.

When charged with murder in North Carolina, the State may proceed either capitally (death-penalty eligible) or non-capitally (not eligible for the death penalty). That decision is made at a Rule 24 hearing which is typically held anywhere from 45 days after indictment to 6 months after indictment. During that time, the State is determining if they have sufficient evidence (an aggravating factor) that would allow them to proceed to make your case appropriate for the death penalty. If the State does not elect to proceed capitally, then the worst punishment that you face is life in prison.

With the stakes this high, it is crucial that you have an attorney on your side from the minute law enforcement wants to speak with you and not after you have been charged. It is never too early to seek an attorney in a case where you believe you will be questioned about a homicide or death. Laura M. Baker has experience with clients charged with murder and knows how to navigate the system and protect your rights. Don't wait until its too late. Call now.

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