Marijuana Trafficking - Drug Trafficking

Marijuana Trafficking - Drug Trafficking,
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While the being charged with simple possession of marijuana is relatively straightforward with regard to sentencing using the North Carolina Sentencing Guidelines, if you are charged with trafficking of marijuana, the legal penalties increase exponentially. Now, rather than being subject to the normal range of punishments that judges can impose for crimes (fines, probation, community service and jail), trafficking REQUIRES jail time (and a huge fine) regardless of your criminal record.

Marijuana Trafficking:

  • Amount: 10-49 lbs.: Class H: 25-39 months and/or $5000 fine
  • Amount: 50-1,999 lbs.: Class G: 35-51 months and/or $25,000 fine
  • Amount: 2,000-9,999 lbs.: Class F: 70-93 months and/or $50,000 fine
  • Amount: Over 10,000 lbs.: Class D: 175-222 months and/or $200,000 fine

If other charges accompany your trafficking charge, it is crucial to understand that a trafficking sentence cannot run concurrent (at the same time) as any other sentence that you are serving. Handling multiple charges in one county or in multiple counties must be resolved in an appropriate order to make sure that you serve the least possible time for the offenses. An ill-timed guilty plea could result in you serving consecutive sentences that might have been avoided.

Having an attorney to navigate and negotiate these charges is necessary to get the best possible result if you are charged with trafficking. Call Laura M. Baker today to set up your free consultation.

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